Could better headlights save pedestrian lives?

NTSB says regulations need to be updated to improve headlights on vehicles

By Jennifer Ready - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Pedestrian deaths are on the rise nationwide, and the National Transportation Safety Board says changes need to be made. 

The NTSB recommends several improvements for vehicles to protect pedestrians, including better headlights that will improve visibility.  

As cars travel through the night, their headlights shine brightly. But according to the NTSB, headlights on cars may not be doing their job well enough. 

They are suggesting new regulations allowing for high-tech headlights that would reduce the glare and make it easier for drivers to see.

Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Consumer Reports found some car headlights aren’t designed and installed for optimal performance. 

But there other improvements the NTSB is also suggesting to keep pedestrians safe, including safer hoods to reduce pedestrians' injuries if they are hit and better safety technology in cars.  

AAA says advanced driver assistance systems in cars can help prevent nearly 30 percent of traffic deaths if they are used properly, meaning drivers don’t just rely on the technology to detect for other cars or pedestrians nearby. 

The spike in pedestrian deaths nationwide could be due to a number of factors, including distracted driving or dark streets, but these are some of the things the NTSB says could help reduce the number of deaths in the future. 

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