Is April the giraffe pregnant again?


HARPURSVILLE, NY - She became a worldwide sensation last year. And now, April the giraffe could be pregnant again.

Her admirers are thrilled by the possibility.

"If there's a pregnancy right now, it's relatively early on," said Jordan Patch, the owner of Animal Adventure Park, where April lives.

April went viral when she was pregnant with Tajiri, now a 1-year-old.

And Tajiri could be joined by a baby brother or sister before long.

Fans like Peggy Wright are already flocking to the park with high hopes.

"I’ll be so excited," Wright said. "I hope it's a girl."

Wright, an April superfan, drove 18 hours from Wisconsin.

"Just for April and the giraffes – April especially," Wright said.

Wright and the staff at Animal Adventure Park are hoping for another pregnancy between April and male giraffe Oliver, whose romance has been different lately.

"So, the keepers here at the park have really been observing Oliver and both April's behavior for quite some time now," Patch said. "And Oliver's advancements have been ignored for a number of months now, which leads us to believe we have a pregnancy on hand.

"But to confirm that we've been collecting stool samples for the past month, and they've been shipped off to another zoo's laboratory to confirm whether or not we have a calf," Patch said.

Wright said she believes April’s behavior could point to pregnancy.

"Just the way she acts. I've been watching her for over a year, and she sleeps a lot more now than she did before, so that's just my impression of it," Wright said.

Patch said if April is pregnant, the baby would be born in the beginning of next year. It would be April's fifth baby.