Comfortable coyotes have residents worried for pets in Atlantic Beach

2 coyotes spotted on golf course Tuesday morning, resident says

By Francine Frazier - Senior web producer, Kaitlyn Shemenski - Producer

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. - An Atlantic Beach resident is warning others in her neighborhood after she spotted two coyotes looking a little too comfortable in the daylight.

Jo Pensiero Adcock posted on Facebook that she saw the coyotes from the 11th tee box area of Atlantic Beach Country Club.

They were spotted about 7:40 a.m. Tuesday.

Adcock warned in her post to "please watch your animals."

She said she would be sending the photos to animal control.

"They seem way too comfortable to be hanging out like this in broad daylight," Adcock wrote.

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Atlantic Beach residents have been worried about coyotes since July when some were spotted roaming in the Oceanwalk neighborhood off Seminole Road.

Since then, a Jacksonville country radio personality's cat was killed by coyotes in Neptune Beach, and cat owners were put on edge in Atlantic Beach by coyote sightings in October.

Experts said relocating coyotes from residential areas doesn’t work because they are indigenous to our area and more will move in to replace the relocated animals. They said the best way to deal with coyotes is to coexist. 

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, coyote attacks are rare and a coyote will only bite if it feels threatened. If a coyote is trapped, it must be euthanized.

The FWC says coyotes are not a threat to humans but they should not be fed. 

Anyone who sees one should call FWC’s Wildlife Alert at 888-404-3922.

Atlantic Beach residents with concerns about coyotes are asked to call Assistant City Manager Kevin Hogan at 904-247-5808.

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