Late-starting candidate Deval Patrick lays out policy vision

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Democratic presidential candidate former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick tours a community garden Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

WASHINGTON, DC – Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick has outlined a broad policy agenda while jabbing at his progressive rivals for proposals that he considers too ideologically inflexible.

The former Massachusetts governor held a policy roundtable Thursday in Manchester, New Hampshire, and told reporters afterward that while "others have plans, we actually have results."

"We got there not by saying it was this way or no way," he said. "We got there by saying here are the goals and how do we build the coalition to get it done and share the victory."

The policy goals "are in many cases similar," Patrick acknowledged when asked how his ideas differed from what other candidates are proposing. "But I don't think anyone else has the range of experience in actually delivering on some of these things," he said.

Accompanying the release of his agenda, Patrick wrote that "a politics that says we have to agree on everything before we can work together on anything, that offers government by slogan and short-term wins, that consistently puts power ahead of principle, is exactly the kind of politics that brought us to this point.''

He said he was advocating for “leadership that builds bridges."

It was a shot at the progressive candidates in the race for the nomination who have argued for a wholesale, systemic overhaul rather than incremental changes. But while Patrick lays out his position on a handful of hot-button issues, his 11-page proposal offers few specifics on policy. He says voters care less about “policy abstractions” and more about “where policy touches people.”

Patrick outlined four themes: