Trump campaign selling ‘Baby Lives Matter’ onesie on website

The "Baby Lives Matter" onesies are designed to highlight the President's support for the anti-abortion movement.
The "Baby Lives Matter" onesies are designed to highlight the President's support for the anti-abortion movement. (Credit: Trump Campaign)

President Donald Trump’s campaign is offering a onesie for babies on its website with the words “Baby Lives Matter” in the script and style of the “Black Lives Matter” movement logo.

The onesies are designed to highlight the President’s support for the anti-abortion movement. They were originally offered as a promotion around the March for Life in January and remain available for purchase for $18, listed as a “limited edition” item. Trump is the first US president in history to speak at the march, an annual protest in Washington against abortion rights, since the historic Roe v. Wade decision was handed down in 1973.

A campaign spokesperson declined to comment on the sale of the onesies, but confirmed they were offered in conjunction with the March for Life. A side by side comparison shows the two slogans.

The sale of the onesie is continuing during the widespread protests following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer knelt on his neck. Floyd’s death on Memorial Day has led to mass demonstrations and a public reckoning over racism in the US.

In recent weeks, Black Lives Matter supporters have been trying to clarify what the statement, Black Lives Matter, is meant to communicate. Several celebrities, activists, protesters, and more said Black Lives Matter does not mean that other lives don’t matter or that all lives don’t matter.

“For example, if you ran into someone that was trying to raise awareness for breast cancer, and then you said, ‘Whoa, wait, there are other types of cancers, too, you know? That is not cool,'” one social media user explained.

Black Lives Matter supporters said it can be offensive to some when the slogan is used in an alternate manner, but according to description on the Trump campaign website, the onesie isn’t meant to reference the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Proudly show you’re investing in your baby’s future to Make America Great Again with this incredibly soft, boutique-style one-piece,” reads a description of the onesie. The back of the item features the Trump 2020 campaign slogan."

A report by CBS news, further shows what activists and supports say about the Black Lives Matter slogan.

Clarification:A large portion of this article was written by CNN authors. News4Jax author Emily Boyer included more details, including the link to the Trump campaign website, the featured tweet, and further description on the Trump campaign's purpose for selling the onesies.

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