Last Obama/Romney face-to-face before election

Final debate to feature six topics, discussion on foreign policy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Ninety minutes, six topics and a discussion on foreign policy -- that's the format for Monday night's presidential debate.     

This is the final time President Obama and Mitt Romney will face each other before the November election.

Channel 4 spoke to a political science professor and some voters about what to expect.

"I'm looking for more like facts, numbers, plans, rather than just insulting each other or calling each other liars," undecided voter Marco Palomino said.

Marco Palomino hasn't decided who he's voting for. He's hoping Monday night's final presidential debate will help make up his mind.  

The debate in the sunshine state will focus exclusively on foreign policy issues including the deadly attacks in Libya and the war in Afghanistan.

"The Obama side will talk a lot about Osama Bin Laden and try to put the pressure forward that they've had a strong foreign policy," University of North Florida Political Science Professor Matthew Corrigan said. "I think it's a little harder for both of them to talk about concrete solutions because it's so complicated and I also think it's more complicated for voters to understand what's going on."

Experts predict Romney will hone in on the way the Obama administration handled the attack on the US Consulate.

But what the candidates say, will be just as important as how they say it. A major mistake could cost either candidate the election.

"Best example in history was when President Ford said that Poland wasn't being dominated by the Soviet Union," Corrigan said. "What he was trying to say is in their hearts they're not dominated, but obviously the Soviet Union was having a huge influence over Poland during the time and it turned out to be a major mistake that Jimmy Carter capitalized on."

Even voters who have made up their minds will be watching with a critical ear.

"I think I'll look for a lot more policy from Romney," voter Emily Simpson said. "Because he always talk a lot about, you know, he had his policy. I've read it but he doesn't talk a lot about it which is weird. But I hope he really steps up and lets people know what he's doing."

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