Early recount totals in NE Florida show little change

Recount complete in 7 NE Florida counties; Nassau, Flagler finish in 1 day

By Steve Patrick - News4Jax digital managing editor
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - While counties across Florida are rushing to finish recounting ballots before a Thursday deadline -- at least one saying it might not finish in time -- several Northeast Florida counties completed their machine recounts in one day with no fanfare.

Supervisor of Elections Vicki Cannon posted Nassau County's machine recount report online with a date stamp of 5:23 p.m. Sunday -- barely over 24 hours after the secretary of state ordered the process. Flagler County posted its results Sunday night.

Alachua, Baker, Bradford and Columbia counties completed their machine recount results on Monday. St. Johns and Union counties begin recounting Tuesday and St. Johns finished its process before 4 p.m.

Duval County, which began the recount process Sunday morning, hoped to complete its recount Tuesday evening. Clay County said it will start Wednesday and finish in one day.

County-by-county machine recount status

Point to county for update

Bradford County's recount found no change in any of the three races, while  Nassau County found no change in the U.S. Senate or agriculture commissioner races, but did result in one more vote for Ron DeSantis for governor.

Nassau County did identify more than 200 overvotes or undervotes in the Senate and governor races and more than 800 in the agriculture commissioner races. If the statewide margin of victory after the machine recount results are within one-quarter of 1 percent, a hand recount would proceed, and the election canvassing board would examine those overvotes and undervotes to try and determine the voter's intent.

"We feel pretty certain we're going to a manual recount, so we're preparing for that," Cannon said.

The most change was found in Alacua County, where the Democratic candidates picked between 20 and 25 votes while the Republican candidates lost from one to 11 votes.

Scott recount attorney Tim Cerio said that, as of Tuesday afternoon, 25 counties had completed recounting, and the process had started in all but Clay County.

Florida Division of Elections spokeswoman Sarah Revell said the recount numbers for all counties won’t be posted for each county until after the Thursday deadline.

“We will post the second unofficial results all at one time on Florida Election Watch,” Revell said.

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