People voting twice in Duval Co.'s District 2 race

By Jim Piggott - Reporter
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Florida Primary is just over two weeks away, but thousands of absentee votes are already pouring in. Staff at the Duval County Supervisor of Elections office are checking those absentee ballots, and noticing more than the usual number of problems.

Staff checks to see if the ballots are signed, and the signature match the one on file.

"There is a new change in election law. If someone forgets to sign it, they basically can come back in sign an affidavit and resign it," said Election Supervisor Jerry Holland. "So we are not rejecting any for no signature. In those, the voter will be contacted."

But election workers also check for overvotes: two votes in the same race.  That cannot be fixed.

So far about 75 people have voted twice in the Duval County School Board District 2 race. Those votes won't count, although votes for other races on those ballot will still count.

"There is no way to tell these voters you made a mistake, so all we can do know is try to tell others is don't make this mistake," Holland said. "Read the instructions. Every race we have in this election is 'vote for one.'"

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