Present from Sasha, Malia Obama misses mark

Photos of the First Family are sent to the wrong address

By Joy Purdy - 5:30, 6:30 & 11 p.m. anchor

CHICAGO - A present from Sasha and Malia Obama wound up at a Chicago woman's home by mistake.

Alane Church was expecting a Christmas package, but it was delayed because of damages.

When it finally arrived, there was a second package inside that wasn't hers.

It was already opened, and the return address showed it came from The President's daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama.

It was a photo book with pictures of the First Family in it.

"I really care about photographs ad books and all that stuff," Church explained. "So I thought, she's going to really be missing not having this."

Church verified the address to which the presidential gift should have been delivered, then contacted the person for whom the package was meant.

It was Sasha and Malia's godmother.

Church plans to put it in the mail ASAP.

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