Proposal To Make Internet Cafes Illegal

Legislation To Shut Down Internet Cafes To Be Proposed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A new proposal will be introduced to the city council to shut down Internet cafes.

A legislation will be introduced Tuesday to the city council to make Internet cafes illegal. The ordinance said the computerized slot machines inside these cafes are a form of gambling. People who play them can win hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Not only were people who play outraged, but those who work in these businesses were upset as well.

Louise Ross has worked at an Internet cafe for five months. If the business shuts down, she's out of a job.

"It's my livelihood, one of my part-time jobs," she said.


Ross' son is in the Army, and his family lives with her. She also has a husband on disability. Many people depend on the paycheck she brings home. She said she would hate to see the business close.

"This is a real positive, happy, environment. People are going to be disappointed if they're home stuck watching TV again," she said.

The legislation posits the games in the Internet cafes negatively impacts the community, especially the elderly and people who do not have a lot of money.

The bill, however, is meeting resistance.

"I have a $20 limit, I spend no more than $20," said Nina Brown, who visits an internet cafe. "If I were to go out I'm gonna spend money. If I go play pool I'm gonna spend $20, or if I go to the movies I'd spend $20."

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