2 Jacksonville restaurants with 0 violations

State of Florida recognizes Toby's BBQ and Savor Jacksonville Gateway Grill

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Even before we got in the door of Toby's BBQ, the fans were raving about the food.

"The stuffed potatoes are great here at Tobys, I tell you I come here once a week," says Charles Cain.

"The ribs are the best, the best anywhere," says Sandra Ponsell.

Mary Taylor and her husband run Toby's, which is on New Kings Road near Interstate 295.  According to state inspectors, the restaurant has an impeccable record. It has passed every inspection since August 2010 and the latest report found zero violations.

"We stayed prepared all the time and even when he leaves that next day we're working on our next one," says Taylor.

Taylor says her mother was a restaurant owner and she's taking cues from her.

"She was a nut to work for, and so am I," says Taylor.

She has dedicated workers, who clean hard, and never know when they'll be put to the test.

"We do drills, we go over our health reports to see what our weaknesses are we've been working on it for years," says Taylor.

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Tayor says what's never sacrificed is food quality.

"Everything is homemade we mash our potatoes, peel our yams, we do everything but pick the green beans," says Taylor.

Taylor's definitely picky and grateful for more than just her loyal customers.

"The people that are here have been with me a long time, my sisters are here, all my cooks, dishwashers, servers are the best," says Taylor.
The second Jacksonville restaurant the state praised for perfect inspection over the past year was Savor Jacksonville Grill on A. Philip Randolph Boulevard.