3 Jacksonville restaurants cited with high-priority violations

Restaurant Report details flies, roaches, no soap

By Crystal Chen - Assignment editor/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Three local restaurants are trying to turn things around after failing state inspections last week.

The New China Restaurant on Normandy Boulevard, was not required to shut down but it did have five high-priority violations, most of which were fixed by the next day.

Two live roaches, which the manager swept up and discarded during the inspection, were found in the storage room. The inspector noted employees touching ready-to-eat food with their bare hands and picking up egg rolls while not wearing gloves. Raw food was found over ready-to-eat food and incorrectly stored in the cooler.

The second restaurant, Indochine in San Marco, was cited with three high-priority violations.

Several food items, including raw chicken, scallops and beef, had to be thrown out because they were stored at temperatures above the required range. The inspector also found four to six flies around the soda nozzle in the downstairs bar and back kitchen.

The restaurant was allowed to stay open, but the state is scheduled to make a follow-up inspection.

The third eatery, Sandwich Shop Kaffe on Beach Boulevard, failed its inspection after four high-priority violations were reported.

According to the inspector, two live flies were found in the kitchen and food prep area. Raw chicken and beef patties were stored over cooked vegetables. The restaurant was caught without any soap or sanitizer for washing dishes.

Employees were using disposable plates and utensils to serve food to customers.

After the inspection, the owner of Sandwich Shop Kaffe took News4Jax on a tour of the restaurant. She didn't speak English, but with the help of her son on the phone, was able to provide details about how quickly the staff turned things around. 

They stocked up on hand sanitizer, getting one bottle for each room in the restaurant. They also bought gloves and showed News4Jax the soap dispenser on top of the sink. 

The owner also moved things around to avoid cross-contamination. The pests were taken care of by the time the inspector came back the next day.

The restaurant passed its follow-up inspection without zero violations. 

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