4 restaurants with critical violations at 4 restaurants; 1 remains closed

State health inspectors find roaches, rodents and temperature violations

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor
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Four restaurants on the restaurant report card this week and one that's been closed now for a few weeks the others got a reprieve but still have work to do.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - One of four restaurants cited with serious violations on our restaurant report this week has been closed for a few weeks. The others got a reprieve but still have work to do.

The Sheik on North Main Street was cited for eight high priority violations, the inspector noting that she saw several employees preparing food without washing their hands.  There were also some temperature issues with cold food temped out more than 15 degrees too warm.

The inspector came back three days later and again caught employees not washing his or her hands.  Again they'll have to be rechecked in a couple of months.  

Blu Diner on Norwood Avenue failed it's inspection last week.  An inspector found five high priority violations. They spotted signs of rodents when they found droppings under the kitchen oven and in the dry goods storage room.  There were also rodent rub marks along the walls and ceilings.

La Nopalera Mexican Restaurant on Beach Boulevard at San Pablo had seven violations that could make you sick.  They had to throw out sour cream that was checked with a dangerously temperature.   Temperature seemed to be the main issue.  There was meat, beans, cheese and it was all either too warm or cool to be considered safe.

La Nopalera was checked three days later and some of the same problems were there, so they get another follow up inspection soon.

Checkers BBQ and Seafood on St. Augustine Road was shut down overnight last month. They were able to open back up the next day, but when the inspector returned last week, they were shut down again. Since then they haven't been open to customers.

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