Atlantic Beach Chinese restaurant cited for 37 violations

Inspectors noted finding dead roaches in a sink at Hop Shing

By Crystal Moyer - Traffic/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla - An employee emerged from the kitchen quickly at Hop Shing on Atlantic Boulevard and walked straight to the sink and washed her hands. That wasn't the case last week when a state inspector stopped by for a visit. 

According the latest inspection at Hop Shing in Atlantic Beach, an employee came from outside and began cooking for customers without washing his hands.

That was one of 37 violations.  Ten were high priority, which means they could pose a public health risk.  The inspector noted he found ten dead roaches in the preparation sink and a can of raid  stored next to uncooked rice.  This violation could lead to dangerous contamination of food. 

The inspector also found raw meat over onions and raw shrimp next to cooked egg rolls in the cooler.  That's another contamination violation that could get you sick.

We tried to find out if they fixed the problems, but we didn't get far.  A worker said there was no food manager on site -- which is another violation.  The state requires a restaurant to have a food manager on site during business hours. 

This latest inspection was a surprise, but it wasn't necessarily on the inspector's schedule. A customer filed a complaint about Hop Shing, and that call prompted the inspection. 

Inspectors will be back in 90 days to make sure the health concerns are fixed.

It was the restaurant's first failing inspection in more than a year.  Hop Shing passed its last three inspections, but failed an inspection in January 2012.

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