Conditions at area eateries could make you sick

Restaurant Report Card exposes potentially dangerous conditions in kitchen

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Temperature violations, possible cross contamination, and preparing food without gloves were all violations found at four local restaurants.  It landed them all in need of a re-check from state inspectors and on our Restaurant Report Card.

China Joy Chinese Restaurant on Margaret Street was cited for temperature violations.  Food should be kept at 41 degrees but the inspector found tofu, chicken, egg rolls and wantons on average 7 degrees too warm.  They had to move all that food to the freezer to make it safe.

A repeat offender on the Restaurant Report Card was Motoga Japanese Restaurant on Atlantic Boulevard, which was cited for storing raw chicken and raw beef over fruits and veggies in their refrigerator.  They also had to throw out some raw shrimp that was way too warm to be considered safe to eat.

This sounded familiar and we checked.  Motoga made on our Restaurant Report Card last August for similar violations.

Chan's restaurant on Dunn Ave was also cited for a violation that could make you sick: Raw chicken stored over wantons in the freezer.  These items have to separated so that ready to eat food doesn't get contaminated.

5th Element Indian Restaurant on Baymeadows Road had the most high priority violations: eight.  The inspector found mold growing on cauliflower, ants on a container of sugar and raw chicken over chick peas in the cooler.

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