Deli pays the price for broken breaker

Food thrown out for being kept at the wrong temperature

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Mark Kahn, the owner of Let's Nosh deli on San Jose Boulevard, said the timing of the inspection was just awful.  The problems started in a breaker box he showed us in the kitchen.

Kahn says when the fuse blew, it caused cooler problems and he had to throw out $500 worth of food.  On top of that, the repair cost him $1,500 worth of equipment.

"At the end of the day a 20 dollar breaker with a surge protector would have saved me about 2 thousand dollars," says Kahn.

Kahn goes on to say, two and half hours after the breaker went out, the inspectors showed up for an unscheduled check.

Food not kept at the right temperature is a big critical violation that can ultimately put your health at risk.  The inspector found several problems because three coolers with food inside were fried.

The inspector noted 15 critical violations and 11 non-critical.  The inspectors had to stop the sale of certain foods because they weren't safe to eat: cheesecake, chicken, cheese, eggs were all too warm to be considered safe.  And they of course found those coolers that couldn't keep the right temperature.

We asked Khan if customers were ever in jeopardy? "The customer was not compromised it was actually when it happened it was between our breakfast and lunch," says Kahn.  "We threw out everything we had already prepped and put everything in tubs on ice."

The next day the inspector came back and cleared Let's Nosh to reopen with zero violations.

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