Masala Indian Restaurant temporarily closed because of roaches

Owner show where, how roaches get into the building

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Masala's Indian Restaurant's problem with roaches became public a week ago when a state inspector found 50 dead roaches in the kitchen and a couple dozen live ones running around, as well.

The restaurant was ordered closed immediately.

The owner of the restaurant on San Jose Boulevard said he'd already used foam to patch up holes in an outside wall.  Reddy said they are places he knew the bugs could get in.  He also pointed out a seal at the bottom of the door that wasn't tight.

He hired a pest control company four days before the surprise inspection. Reddy said he spent $268 and the company spent several hours treating the problem. 

But after the inspection, McCall Pest Control had to come back.

"They came one time and it didn't fix the problem, so the second time it's under control now," says Reddy.

The inspector also came back the next day and allowed Masala to reopen. On the second inspection, were no roaches and only one high-priority violation: not having a proper sneeze guard to protect a table holding soups.

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