More than 80 red flags found crawling in 3 restaurants

Inspectors temporarily shut down 3 Jacksonville eateries

By Crystal Chen - Assignment editor/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A popular sandwich shop, a Southside Chinese restaurant and a Northside seafood restaurant all got failing grades, leading to closures of the three eateries, in this week's Restaurant Report.

According to state regulators' records, dozens of red flags were spotting crawling around the kitchen at the Subway on University Boulevard in Englewood. According to inspectors, it had a problem with roaches that led to a three-day closure. They said they found six live roaches in a cabinet, under a reach-in cooler and on the floor near the sandwich line. Inspectors said more roaches were found during each follow-up inspection.

Richard Dillon, the Director of Operations issued the following statement:

“I am committed to the highest food safety standards at my restaurant. As soon I was made aware, I immediately brought professional fumigators and cleaners in to resolve the problem and discarded any open food. I met with the Health Department on Monday who re-inspected and approved the restaurant to reopen. In addition to Health Department inspections, the brand conducts regular inspections that are aimed at ensuring that our high food safety and cleanliness standards are met.”

On the Southside, Golden House on Baymeadows Road was briefly shut down for a day. The inspector found 30 to 40 roaches under a plastic bin in the prep area and spotted two live roaches under the rice cooker. More dead bugs were uncovered throughout the kitchen, according to public records. An employee declined to comment when News4Jax visited, but the restaurant did reopen a day later without a single bug in site.

WATCH: Inspectors find red flags crawling around Northside restaurant

King Craw on Nautica Drive near the River City Marketplace was forced to shut down last Tuesday. Reports show more than 80 live roaches and 50 dead roaches were spotted throughout the kitchen and storage area. During the inspection, an employee was even killing roaches with their hands. Records show the employee had gloves on and removed them before handling food, however, a citation was issued because the employee didn't first wash their hands. More roaches were reportedly found during each follow-up inspection. The restaurant reopened a week later on Thursday. The manager wasn't available when News4Jax checked in.

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