5 Jacksonville restaurants face emergency closures

By Crystal Chen - Assignment editor/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Health inspectors stayed busy in Jacksonville, where five restaurants faced emergency closures. 

From rodents to food storage and other kitchen nightmares, the citations stacked up.

C & W Soul Wings & Things

The C & W Soul Wings & Things restaurant at 1501 Lane Ave. South temporarily closed on March 4, according to state inspectors.

Records show there were flies in the kitchen, live roaches throughout the front counters and dead roaches that had to be swept up. The inspector also spotted one live roach on the take-out bags in the front counter area. Another citation was issued for cups stored on the floor.

INSPECTION REPORTS: C & W Soul Wings & Things

The restaurant was back in compliance days later and allowed to reopen on March 7.

Blu Diner

Health inspectors said they briefly shut down Blu Diner on Norwood Avenue on Friday because of hazards found on baking materials.

According to state regulators' records, 16 dried droppings were spotted on a bag of flour, a container of cake icing and a baking pan. 


With some cleaning, the restaurant reopened later that day without any high priority violations. 

A follow-up inspection is now in order.

Charlie's Diner

Charlie’s Diner on Philips Highway near Sunbeam Road was temporarily shut down March 5 after inspectors said they found more than 50 live roaches under a kitchen sink.

A follow-up inspection that same day shows it was bug-free.


News4Jax asked one of the managers how they were able to clean up so quickly, but she referred News4Jax to another manager who wasn't available at the moment.

The restaurant reopened with zero high-priority violations.


Tunis on University Boulevard got the order to shut down briefly for not having a working bathroom, according to state regulators' records.

Potentially hazardous foods were also found in the kitchen, inspectors said. Records show items like cheese, raw chicken and raw fish were not stored properly.


The business reopened, but still needs a follow-up inspection.

Ruta Catracha 

The Ruta Catracha food truck is back in business after a temporary closure on March 5.

It mainly stays on Atlantic Boulevard, but travels around.


Inspectors said they found 16 live roaches in the cabinets, missing paper towels and no proof of training for employees. 

Inspectors gave the owner more time to fix the problem, and the food truck is now waiting on a follow-up.

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