Restaurant Report: 18 violations at sports bar

Manager says Regency-area bar and grill made swift changes to fix problems

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Salty River Sports Bar and Grill right behind the Regency Square Mall was cited by state inspectors with 18 violations last week -- five of them critical.

Larry Gilmore was there the day the inspector arrived. He's been in the restaurant business for years.

"Ever since I've been 18 and I've seen this things. It happens all the time, not just us. Everywhere you know," says Gilmore.

Some of the more critical violations at Salty River were a dirty microwave and slimy ice machine. (See Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspection report)

"We took care of them right away.  I dismantled the ice machine and I cleaned it all myself, so I know for a fact that there is no slime," says Gilmore.

The inspector also wrote she found a half-dozen roaches in the kitchen.

"We also have pest control that come every week now.  We also have them on call, you know,  if we see any live movement they come immediately," says Gilmore.

The inspector also found a critical violation that could make you sick: food not kept at the right temperature.

"We got to thaw it out and she just came right at the time of us having to put everything up. All of our food is at the correct temperature," says Gilmore.

Gilmore also said they've made some changes and their customers will notice.

"We tightened everything down we have weekly cleanups everything is scheduled. We also have new management and everything.  Everything is going to be alright," says Gilmore.