Restaurant's doors still locked after inspection

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Le Shea's Homestyle Eatery was temporarily shutdown last week after state inspectors found several critical violations.

Before noon on Wednesday, Channel 4 went the restaurant at 119 West Adams to try and talk to the owners about their inspection last week, but the doors were locked and the lights in the dining room were out.  All we could see inside was a vacuum cleaner and a no trespassing sign.  We also tried to call, but no one answered.

Le Shea's is usually open for lunch, but workers at nearby stores tell Channel 4 that there hasn't been a lot of activity in the last few days. 

On March 28, inspectors found three critical violations and one non-critical.  The violations include food held more than 24 hours after being opened and not properly dated.

Inspectors also found equipment in poor condition with heavy ice build-up on the condenser in the walk in cooler.

Another problem: roaches.  Inspectors counted more than 80 dead roaches in several different places including under the drink station and across from the walk in cooler. They also discovered live roaches, at least 23, and they were in the same areas as the dead bugs.

The inspector's report shows that pest control had just sprayed four to five days before the inspection.

But the restaurant was still shut down and pest control was called in again.
When inspectors went back the following day, March 29, inspectors noted the kitchen was "thoroughly cleaned" but Le Shea's was cited for two critical violations regarding more dead and slow moving roaches.

The follow-up report noted the violations require further review but are not an immediate threat to the public and Le Shea's was given the the green light to reopen.

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