Roach problem at Lee's Dragon Restaurant on Westside leads to closure

Inspector found dozens of small roaches crawling on floor in kitchen

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Lee's Dragon on Lane Avenue had a tough inspection last week. It had one high priority violation and it was enough to shut it down for the night.

"He sees the small baby roaches, they are walking. He said, 'You need to close one day,'" said manager David Wong.

The inspector wrote he saw 20-25 roaches crawling on the side of equipment next to the wok on the cook line. I asked Wong if he knew he had a roach problem and he said no.

Wong took us into the kitchen to show us the area where the inspector found the roaches. We actually spotted some dead roaches on the floor in that same area. Wong told us his exterminator said that would happen.

"After spraying the chemical, the roaches will come out because the chemical makes them sick and comfortable. He (exterminator) said, 'Don't call me, don't call me,'" Wong said.

Wong explained the exterminator is scheduled to come every two weeks. He did admit the building is old but he's a stickler about keeping what he does have clean.

"We clean by ourselves. Before, we get professional help to take care but it's not very good," Wong said. "We clean the floor every night. Somebody tell me you clean too much."

Lee's Dragon was able to open the next day once the exterminator left. This time when the inspector came he didn't find any roaches and no high priority violations.

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