Several restaurants with high priority violations

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla - Three restaurants were caught with high priority violations that needed addressing right away, but there was only closure this week.

A day before the Fourth of July an inspector found dozens of roaches both dead and alive at Sala Phad Thai in Jacksonville Beach and the restaurant was closed for the day.

The live ones weren't near food but in between cases of sake and in between cutting boards. This was a repeat violation, according to the report.

The inspector also found dead roaches stuck on the wall and on the rice steamer table. The inspector came back on July Fourth to open Sala Phad Thai, and the traces of the bugs were gone and it was allowed to serve customers.

Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits on Atlantic Boulevard near Arlington Road was cited for five high priority violations last week. Someone filed a complaint, and when the inspector came out she found rodent droppings in the dry storage area.

Five to ten hard rodent droppings were spotted below mashed potatoes in an outdoor facility. There was also a roach that the manager killed.

Five days later the inspector came back and this time they had addressed all the problems that could get people sick. The inspector found zero high priority violations.

Chamblin's Uptown on North Laura Street had five high priority violations. The inspector found seven rodent droppings on the top shelf where soups are kept. The manager cleaned up the droppings and he was warned. There were also live flies buzzing in the kitchen.

These are all warnings that need addressing before the next inspection in a couple of months.

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