Warmer temperatures bring new challenges to keep food healthy

Restaurant Report

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla - Temperatures and bugs are two major concerns as we enter the summer months. There are some techniques that homeowners can implement to keep food and guests safe.

Jessica Tyree of Restaurant Compliance Solutions explained that flies are a big problem in the summer. 

"First of all they eat waste, so they're landing on waste and they're landing on our food, they have all that and their feet are hairy and they hold on to stuff,"  says Tyree.

So it's important that you cover food that's outside or keep it inside until you're ready to serve.  Flies can be just as hazardous as roaches and other pests that are naturally more repulsive.

Tyree said you also need to keep tabs on your temperatures.   She said food that's out of temperature can easily make you sick.

"Now that summer is coming, it's harder to keep everything cool in the summertime.  Coolers need to be kept at 41 degrees or below and making sure that you're keeping your temperatures down, cleaning out your coolers, and the vents. Keeping things not so full in the refrigerators so there's a lot of air flow, " said Tyree.

She said food is ok out of temperature for a short period of time but after that it needs to be discarded.

"If food is out of temperature 4 hours or more if there's bacteria on the food it gives the bacteria time to multiply and people can get sick," says Tyree.







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