Search for Amber Whited: 'No time for sadness'

Missing woman's trying to keep it together: 'Got to, for the girls'

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - For a third day since Amber Whited disappeared, searchers scoured the streets, back roads and woods of Glynn County looking for the mother of two young children.

Whited disappeared during her lunch break on Tuesday.  Her car, with a flat tire and the keys inside, was found the next day, but there's been no sign Whited.

"I don't know what to think happened," said Whited's mother, Beth Allen. "I think, mainly, someone's really holding her against her will."

Glynn County police, joined by about 50 family members, friends, National Guard volunteers and total strangers came together Friday for a renewed search.  They gathered across the street from where she was last seen to pick up flyers set out again.

Allen said when Whited wasn't home Thursday for her youngest daughter's first birthday, she had to tell her 4-year-old granddaughter that her mom is missing.

"She keeps telling her sister, showing her sister pictures of their mama, telling her, like yesterday when it was her birthday, she said, 'This is our mama and she's going to be here for your birthday... our mama loves us,'" Allen said.

"We don't have time for sadness," said Whited's aunt, Martha Allen. "We ain't sad; she's coming home."

After a lunch of donated pizza, the search party grabbed bottles of water and set out in pickup trucks and on foot.

"We're emotionally, we're physically, we're mentally exhausted," one searcher said. "We just want our friend back and we want answers."

Allen said she's "trying to keep it together. It's been really hard."  Asked if she was going to be OK, she said, "Yeah. Got to, for the girls."

Anyone with any information about Whited's disappearance can call 912-554-7802 or Silent Witness at 912-264-1333.

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