Senator McCain speaks about Romney tapes

McCain talks about controversy while campaigning in Jax for Romney

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Senator John McCain was in Jacksonville Tuesday to stump for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Channel 4 sat down with Senator McCain Tuesday night to discuss whether comments Mitt Romney made at a private function should have gone public.

Senator McCain gave Romney some advice during Tuesday's night's interview, he said there is something every candidate should consider every time they speak.

"It should be private, but the world we live in, everything is going to be on record and assume everything you say is going to be recorded," McCain said.

McCain defended Mitt Romney's comments, pointing the blame at a bad economy and what Republicans call an administration without hope.

McCain said he can't forget his own moments, which were similar to Mitt Romney's.

"You remember in 2008, I said the fundamentals of our economy are strong, and I still believe the fundamentals of our economy are strong. But sometimes a phrase or a statement, I think you may remember in 2008 when President Obama said people cling to their guns and bibles," said McCain. "Well Governor Romney has opportunity to amend remarks and he stood by them, said they reflected his views, I think this gives important context around policies he has proposed."

President Barack Obama suggested that Mitt Romney was "writing off a big chunk of the country."

Romney didn't back off his comments in a network interview today. He said he wants to be president so he can help hard-pressed Americans find work and earn enough so they become income taxpayers.

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