Senator To Help Man Find Identity

Sen. Bill Nelson Wants To Help Jacksonville Man Without Name

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Channel 4 brought you Benjaman Kyle's story just a week ago. His story has been seen or heard in several places, including the "Dr. Phil" show in 2008. Now, his story has the attention of Florida Sen. Bill Nelson.

"We need to figure out, how to get him a temporary identity so that he doesn't have to live out in the woods," said Nelson. "So that he can get a job."

Nelson knew a great deal about Kyle, the man struggling almost seven years to recover his own identity. Nelson said he's willing to help.

"I know from serving on the Senate intelligence committee some of the very sophisticated tracking we can now do of individuals, in trying to protect ourselves from terrorists," said Nelson.

Nelson said he's trying to get that technology turned to Kyle's advantage. In the meantime, Kyle's taking advantage of this opportunity working at Crazy Fish in Jax Beach.

"Oh, I feel great," said Kyle. "It's so much better than just wandering around on the street."

After Channel 4's special on Kyle aired, Josh Schrutt offered him a job and found him temporary housing.

"He's proven to be very trustworthy," said Schrutt. "Just been a hard worker ever since he started."

Now, Kyle and Schrutt are working to find a permanent housing solution.

"So he's either got to have a temporary identity, or we've got to find out who he is," said Nelson.

"It makes me feel good, actually," said Kyle. "I need out of this box I'm in, I can't seem to chew myself out of it myself."

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