Sheriff promotes safety during Tuesday neighborhood walk

Sheriff, 15 officers go door-to-door giving safety advice

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Another setback for Sheriff Rutherford in the ongoing budget battle.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford, along with 15 officers Tuesday night, went door-to-door in a Westside neighborhood with safety advice. The Sheriff also addressed people's concerns about crime in their neighborhood Tuesday.

"His house got broken into, this lady over here, they kicked in her door and stole all her Christmas gifts," said a concerned neighbor, Chris Baker. "They stole a bunch of stuff out of this truck on a weekend and he had to put cameras up on his house."

A few months ago Baker said he had $5,000 worth of equipment stolen from his work truck and has seen what he calls drug activity near his cul-de-sac. It's activity that prompted JSO to fan out across the Cherokee Cove community on the Westside for a crime prevention walk. Sheriff John Rutherford said the walk not only gives officers a chance to address specific concerns with homeowners, it creates heightened visibility in the community.

"I tell you, it gives me an opportunity to tell folks, look, you've got to be vigilant," said Rutherford. "Whether you're at home or whether you're at a large event like the Boston marathon, you've really got to be vigilant about what's going on around you."

Neighbor, Chris Baker agrees, having the Sheriff's Office commit time and resources to his neighborhood, he feels adds a layer of comfort and confidence that his family will stay safe.

"I like it, I've got two little girls so, they always play in the street, so it's a good thing to me," said Baker.