Haunting, eerie🔊: NASA released audio from a black hole and we can’t unhear it

New audio released by NASA reveals the sound created by the cosmic phenomena. Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York, joins New Day to discuss. (NASA, CNN Newsource)

Once you hear this — you can’t unhear it.

The sound of a black hole has proven to be slightly terrifying. Like something that would be edited into a Halloween soundtrack.

NASA shared the 34-second clip above of the Perseus Galaxy Custer — which is about 240 million light-years away from earth.

Scientists say the black hole sends out pressure waves that cause ripples in the hot gas which can be translated into a note.

The actual note is one that humans can’t hear. It’s about 57 octaves below middle-c, but experts at NASA say they shifted the note so we could hear it — amplified it, and then mixed it with other data they have about black holes.

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