Spend time outdoors

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Winter doesn't have to mean chilly afternoons huddled indoors. Instead, bundle up the kids for some fun outdoor winter activities (and exercise!) that will get their hearts pumping.

Knowing the right outdoor activities for winter days (and nights!) is the first step to having a healthy, active winter season.
Things to know before playing outside in the winter
Ready to get your kids away from the indoor games and get them outside for winter activities? Here are a few things to know:
1. Before heading outside, make sure you check the temperature and that your kids are bundled up to be warm. Make sure you are dressed warm.
2. Be aware of the signs if your child is not dressed warm enough. If your child complains of aching pain or numbness, in their extremities (hands, feet or ears) or their skin feels hard/waxy with a white color, seek shelter immediately.
3. Don't worry, playing outside won't make them sick, if anything going outside in the cold will give you a cold is nothing more than an old wives' tale. Going outside doesn't make people catch colds, if they are properly dressed.
4. Make sure you stay hydrated. Just like you would any other time of the year, it's important that you and your kids drink enough.
And most important enjoy this time to be with your family and friends, activities outside can be an amazing time for all. WinterFEST at Adventure Landing is going on November 22nd -January 12th so get out and enjoy some time with your family!