Stinky seaweed takes over beaches

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's nasty, smelly, and all over the beach, so if you're planning on hitting the sand this weekend, here's your warning.

Strong easterly winds have brought seaweed on shore and it's covering our local beaches, which has a lot of beach-goers bummed. The strong odor has many taken aback.
"It's smelly, it smells like fish, I didn't know what it was," Maria Grimes said.
Treigg Turner said it's the most seaweed he's ever seen on the beach.
"I mean there's mounds of it everywhere," Turner said. "As soon as we pulled up, you could smell the seaweed from the beach. It's kind of crazy."
Beachcombers North, a company that cleans up the beaches said for now, people will just have to live with the nuisance.
"I know people are upset about it, I don't blame them," Jo Lynne Cordova with the company said. "I don't like the smell but until it stops coming in, there's really nothing we can do about it."
One reason they can't remove the seaweed is because little turtles live in it, especially when it's wet. Another reason is because the seaweed is too heavy.

"We have a pretty good size tractor and rake but you'd go a foot or two and because of the weight of the seaweed right now, the tractor would literally be bogged down because it just couldn't pull that weight to remove the seaweed," Cordova said.

Even though it's a bummer for those at the beach, there is an upside to it.

"Once it dries out, then we actually rake it up against the dunes then it makes a natural barrier for the storms as they come in throughout the season to protect the dunes."

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