Strong surf, rip current risk along Florida coast

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. - Lifeguards are telling beachgoers to be careful this weekend, as several storms off the coast are churning the surf and making for dangerous conditions.

"There's some undertow out there," said Shawn McClurg, visiting from New York.

Those who went in the water this weekend definitely noticed it.

"When you're trying to swim it's easy to get knocked over by the waves. It's really hard to just stay in your location and not get swept out," said swimmer, Samantha Hunters.

Lifeguards are flying the red flag and asking everyone to be extra careful because of the rough waves and rip current.

"The bottom's been stirred up so bad, so you have bad rip currents," said Max Ervanian, Red Cross Lifeguard.

Rescuers said conditions are dangerous, but so far, things have been pretty quiet and people have stayed out of trouble.

"I'm pretty sure that everyone's staying on their toes, and the lifeguards have been on their toes as well," said Ervanian.

The surf was too much for Charity Roberts.

"I think they're pretty to look at, but no I don't want to get in there," said Roberts.

But others, like McClurg, said they came too far not to get in.

"We're from Buffalo so we're gonna enjoy the beach no matter what. We don't want to die here, but we're smart enough to know we need to be cautious is all it is I guess," McClurg said.

If you're caught in a rip current, lifeguards say stay calm. Panicking will not help. You want to swim parallel to the shore until you feel you're out of it.

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