Summer Oaks residents deal with flooded apartments

Arlington residents frustrated with standing water

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Heavy recent downpours has led to flooding in areas all around Jacksonville and the cleanup process was in full effect Wednesday night at the Summer Oaks apartments in Arlington.

Although the water is gone, frustrations remain. Crystal Colon and her boyfriend said this isn't the first flood they have experienced.

"The water sat in here for a good two to four hours and if you sit in here you can smell the mold, and all they did was bring in these dehumidifier fans," said Colon.

The couple has been living in the wet weather for days but Colon says it wasn't nearly as bad this time.

"Now that it's happened again it is a big deal. They knew what the problem and didn't do anything about it," said Colon. "He's lost several items, tools, grinders, I'm not even sure what some of the stuff is, but I know it cost him a lot of money and he's put a lot of money into it.

Nearly 50 apartments inside Summer Oaks were affected by flooding. 

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