Test: Apple users smarter than other phone brand users

An online test measures intelligence

By Monica Whitsel - Producer
Headline Goes Here Daily Mail

A new test is revealing Apple users on average are smarter than those who use phones by other brands.

The Daily Mail reports Ladbrokes created an online test testing the intelligence of users who own certain phones. The online test put a thousand smartphone users who use the Ladbrokes app to the test. 

Those who took the test either had phones of the brand Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, Nexus or HTC. 

Phone users were given a series of brain teasers. The results are based off how fast the users could answer the brain teasers, but that's with answering the question correctly to continue throughout the rest of the test.

Coming in first at 94 seconds were iPhone owners. Blackberry users came in last, answering the teasers in 118 seconds. A complete list of average test times for phone users is below. 

Apple94 seconds
Nexus 99 seconds
Samsung103 seconds
HTC105 seconds
Nokia109 seconds
Blackberry118 seconds

A Samsung owner finished the series of brain teasers at 47 seconds, making it the fastest test time. 

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