Thieves steal Christmas presents from Brunswick home

Mother devastated childrens' gifts are gone

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - A mother of 5 is trying to figure out how she'll be able to replace Christmas gifts that a burglar stole from her home.

Police said the burglary happened at a home off Altima Avenue in Brunswick on Friday.

Kemberly Bradley said she came home, dropped off her gifts still in the bags, then took her kids out to get something to eat. That's when the crook struck.

Bradley came home after dinner to a devastating sight. Her bathroom window was open and all the Christmas presents she bought for her kids were gone.

"And when somebody comes to our house and takes from us, I don't think that's right. and whoever is out there, I'm gonna pray for them because that was very wrong for them to enter my house and take their things," said Bradley.

She said someone must have seen her leave with her family and took advantage.

"My house is not just my house, it's our home, and when somebody invades our privacy and takes the little bit of things we do have, that the Lord blessed us with," Bradley said.

Bradley and her five kids live in one of Brunswick's public housing complexes. She's there because she's disabled. She said she appreciates the assistance, but the place needs to be safe. Bradley said it's dark at night and it's too easy to break in.

"Security needs to be up to date, they need to fix it up, and they need to protect the people living inside housing complexes," Bradley said.

With no one caught and no signs of the gifts, Bradley wants to warn all her neighbors that the Grinch is in town.

"Everybody, they need to know you have people around here, robbing your homes, taking from your children, taking from your family. and it's not right!"

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to call Brunswick police, or to help the Bradley family email Channel 4's Vic Micolucci at

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