Video: Man Surprised By Murder Charge

23-Year-Old Accused Of Killing Mother Of 3 With Stray Bullet

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A man arrested in connection with the shooting death of a motorist who was struck by a stray bullet last year on the Westside appeared to be surprised during his interrogation that he was being charged with murder, as is seen on interrogation video obtained by Channel 4.

Taurice Brown, 23, is accused of killing 41-year-old Analiza Gobaton, a mother of three. Police said Gobaton was waiting in traffic in her SUV on Blanding Boulevard at 103rd Street on Oct. 22 when she was shot in the head, causing her vehicle to crash into another. Gobaton died two days later.

"What is you saying? That I killed this lady?" Brown asked a detective during his interrogation.

"During the shooting you were involved in, this woman got shot, and now's she's dead," the detective said.

"As a result of what happened that day, an innocent lady who had just dropped her children off at school was driving down the road, waiting on the light to turn green, got shot in the head and is dead," the detective said. "She'll never see her children again. Her kids were waiting on her to come back to school, and she never showed up. The next time they see their mother, she'll be laying in a coffin. That's your decision."

"I'm not guilty," Brown said.

"OK. That's what courts are made for," the detective said.

Prosecutors said they're seeking the death penalty against Brown because they said he put countless lives at risk while discharging a semiautomatic handgun at another suspected drug dealer. Stray bullets also struck three houses in the area.

Tito Godineaux said he remembers it like it was yesterday. He said he ran inside to avoid being shot.

"We're talking about gunshots. You don't know where the bullets go," Godineaux said.

The bullet that killed Gobaton traveled 125 yards before it struck her in the head, according to police.

Gobaton was headed to church to pick up her two sons.

Channel 4 has learned that Brown has talked about the shooting to friends on taped jailhouse phone calls.

Prosecutors said they have multiple witnesses who will place Brown at the scene, and some who say they saw him pulling the trigger.

"When I got to the window and actually saw him, his arm, his right arm was extended, and he was still shooting towards Blanding," a witness said. "It was rapid fire and it sounded like, 'Boom, boom, boom,' numerous shots, lots of shots."

According to court documents, Brown fired nearly two dozen shots at a moving car.

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