Florida man goes off on 'wet floor' sign after getting carded for beer

Just saying: you might want to think twice about playing Monopoly with this guy

By Garrett Pelican - Digital executive producer

HASTINGS, Fla. - Whether you find it frustrating or flattering that someone thinks you look underage, getting carded while buying booze is a rite of passage.

It almost goes without saying that, unless you look prehistoric, bartenders, bouncers and store clerks will check ID. Showing up without it is a good way to go home emptyhanded.

That’s what happened to a guy trying to buy a six pack of beer from a Circle K in Hastings. Without identification, he was turned away. But he took it all in stride and calmly returned with his ID.

Ah, who are we kidding? Of course that’s not how things went down. In reality, he lost his cool, then punted a "Wet Floor" sign into the glass door and shattered it as he stormed out of the business.

Because nothing screams "I'm an adult" quite like roundhousing an inanimate object into oblivion.

The whole tantrum was captured on surveillance video, which the store was all too happy to share with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. Now, deputies are hoping you can help identify him.

Recognize this guy? If so, contact Deputy Almaguer via email at balmaguer@sjso.org.

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