Man gets stuck in McDonald's high chair

3 officers were needed to rescue man

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Courtesy: Daily Mail

CORK, Ireland - One McDonald's fan did not have a very "Happy Meal" after he became stuck in a baby high chair, according to an article from a European-based newspaper, the Daily Mail.

The article reports that the customer needed to be rescued by police when he could not free himself from his uncomfortable seat Tuesday.

Three officers were pictured helping the man as he sat in the restaurant in Cork, Ireland.

The article continues to say that the picture was taken on Tuesday evening after the man, who has not been identified, popped in for a bite to eat.

He chose the child's high chair rather than some adult-sized seats that were available at the time, according to the Daily Mail.

Police were then called when he realized he could not free himself from the chair.

According to the person who took the picture, the man had drunk some alcohol before squeezing himself in to the seat.

A McDonald's spokesperson, who was quoted in The Metro, said: "McDonald's is aware of the incident involving a customer who decided to sit in one of our children's high-chairs in Winthrop Street.

"As you can see, we recommend that children don't use the high-chair without adult supervision."

According to the Daily Mail, the man was released without charges after being freed.

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