Man sues stripper over $3K 'loan'

Stripper says she doesn't believe in loans, denies relationship

By Crystal Moyer - Traffic/reporter
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HOUSTON, TX. - A man who spent nearly $3,000 on a stripper is suing her to get the money back, claiming that it was a loan. However, the stripper says that the money was a gift.

Robert Wallace, 32, from Houston, filed a lawsuit against a dancer with the stage name of Nomi.

Wallace met her a year ago at a nightclub called Treasures in Houston and claims to have spent the money on her when they began a relationship.

Mr Wallace says that he lent her around $2,000 along with a laptop and some Harry Potter DVDs.

"I don't believe in loans," said Nomi. She said she wouldn't have accepted cash and various items from Wallace if they weren't gifts.

"We had a dating relationship and on May 3 we had broken up. I know how stubborn she can be, so after waiting for a week for her to return my things, I decided to file a suit to get my stuff back," Wallace told a Fox 26 reporter in Houston.

Nomi claims that the relationship was platonic and that she had no idea that the items and money named in the suit weren't gifts.

"I've given him gifts, too. How do I get my booty and boobs back?" Nomi Told the reporter.

She added that she doesn't believe in loans because she doesn't want to have to pay anything back.

A court date has yet to be set.

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