New Jersey man returns library book 53 years late

Found 'The Family Book of Verse' in his basement


Harry Krame recently returned a book he checked out in 1966.

(CNN) - A New Jersey middle school probably thought that its long-lost gem was gone forever. Yet after 53 years, Harry Krame walked back into Memorial Middle School's library and returned a book he checked out when he was a student.

Krame was cleaning up his basement when he came across "The Family Book of Verse" and realized that he never got around to returning it to its rightful place at his former school in Fair Lawn.

Although long overdue, Krame figured the right thing to do was to give it back.

"This is the book we've been missing! We've been looking for it," Memorial Middle School Vice Principal Dominick Tarquinio told CNN.

Although there isn't anyone currently working at the school who remembers Krame, he and Tarquinio still had memories to bond over. The pair talked about how things have changed in education and how courses have evolved at the school, Tarquinio told CNN.

"He was involved in sports, school activities and the community," the vice principal said he learned during their chat.

In the 1960s, the book was priced at $4.95. Luckily, the school didn't charge the former student for the late fees, and said there were no disciplinary consequences. The school was just happy to get its book back safe and sound.


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