What type of cheating is worse?

Study looks at the differences in men, women

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You know the saying, "Men are from mars and Women are from Venus." Well now it's true about cheating.

"There is a sort of fundamental difference between men and women, on average, in how they react to these situations," explained Kansas State University Psychologist Gary Brase.

New research from KSU found that men are more upset about the sexual act of cheating and women tend to be more upset about an emotional connection.

Now this may not surprise you. 20 years ago, researchers found the same results but they believed it was outside factors like trust issues, your view on relationships or your upbringing that affected your view on cheating. But this research shows none of those outside factors matter.

"Even though we included all these other potential explanations, sex was still the strongest explanation to why we saw these differences," said Kansas State University Doctoral Candidate Lora Adair.

Of course no one wants their spouse to cheat, so in this survey, participants had to decide which type of cheating they thought was worse.

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