World Blood Donor Day prompts local need

Summer months are crucial time for Blood Alliance

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's a heroic act that's free and easy to do, and you never know who you might be saving.

The purpose of World Blood Donor Day on Thursday is to remind people how important is to donate.

The Blood Alliance said one pint of blood can save three lives, and those lives you're saving are right in your own backyard because all blood donated through The Blood Alliance goes straight to hospitals in Jacksonville.

The summer months are a crucial time for needing blood, according to The Blood Alliance.

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"People are off their regular routines and they're not coming into donate blood so you have more people on the roads and perhaps more accidents so the blood usage goes up," said Odette Struys, director of The Blood Alliance. "Coming into hurricane season it's very important to have blood donation on your hurricane checklist, save a life, check! It's very important because we need to have that supply robust before something happens. The blood needs to be there when you need to use it rather than after the fact."

89-year old Mary Love Strum has donated about 150 pints of blood, so much that the people at The Blood Alliance know her by name.

"It does not hurt one bit, if it did I wouldn't go," Strum said. "They do those needles beautifully, just goes right in and it takes only 10 or 15 minutes to give blood."

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