Young couple killed in Christmas Day crash

Witnesses say pickup truck was speeding when it left road, hit tree

A young married couple was celebrating their first Christmas together when a crash took their lives.

According to the St. Augustine Police Department, Trevor and Jennifer Leonardi were driving north on State Road A1A about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday when Trevor lost control of his pickup truck on a curve and hit a tree near the entrance of Anastasia State Park.

Witnesses told police the pickup was going faster than the speed limit when it left the road, went through a parking lot and hit a tree in front of Fire Station No. 2. Police are still investigating whether alcohol or other factors contributed to the crash.

IMAGES: Wreck on A1A kills young couple

The couple's friends have come to the site Wednesday placing flowers, trying to come to grips with losing them.

"She was a sunshine. She was just a beautiful little girl and everybody loved her," said Jennifer Leonardi's mother, Robin Osgood. "She was so excited and he was so happy. They were both just so happy."

The two had stopped by Tuesday to have lunch with the wife's mother.

"It was a blessing that she ended up coming and Trevor came and we had a real nice time," Osgood said. "Off they went and that was the last time we saw them."

Police say they were killed instantly when the truck hit the tree.

"He must have been doing about 60, and (the truck) hit this guardrail, and that's what kind of got everyone's attention -- that noise from the guardrail, said Chris Clarkson, who called 911. "Then he punched it probably accelerated up to 80 or plus."

Wrecks in the area are all too familiar to firefighters. There have been several accidents along that curve in the last few years, and two of them have caused fatalities.

"They've come through that area all different ways," said St. Augustine Fire Department Assistant Chief John Rayno. "They've hit the tree here behind us right in front. They've hit the station. Some of them have made it through several trees before they hit one. It's all over the place."

For Robin Osgood, she'll hold onto her faith and her daughter's own words for peace.

"She said ... if anything happens to us she would die, but if anything happened to her, she said, 'Please don't dwell.' She said, 'Mama, I have lived and had fun.' And she has had a fun time" Osgood said.