Helping pets survive summer

Keeping your animals safe during the summertime heat

By Bruce Hamilton - The Morning Show anchor
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Unlike humans who can easily find shade, the sweltering summer heat in Florida takes a toll on our pets. Owners should be especially cautious of the environment because animals overheat easily and are prone to heat strokes.

Some key signs of a stroke to look for are excessive panting, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, and elevated body temperature.

Pet Paradise, a summertime haven and sitter for animals, gives a few tips on how to protect your beloved pets from the high temperatures.

  • Have water handy
  • Stick to morning and evening exercise
  • Supervise any pool activities

The biggest don't pet owners need to be mindful of is to never leave any pet inside the car for any amount of time, they will die. Car temperatures are generally 10 degrees or more hotter than what it is outside.

Pay attention to your dogs during those hot summer days and remember they need sunscreen, too!

Pets should have sunblock applied to sun-sensitive areas such as tips of ears, nose the belly and groin areas that typically have sparse hair coverage and thinner skin.

Remembered that dogs and especially cats are adept at licking off topical lotions, sprays and creams, so use only products marked safe babies and allow it to soak in before letting the animal be unsupervised.

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