Volleyball players uplift hospital patients

Wolfson High School students visit Wolfson Children's Hospital

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Some high school volleyball players were on a special mission Wednesday morning to put smiles on the faces of patients at Wolfson Children's Hospital.

The Wolfson High School girls volleyball team gave out toys and bracelets to them.

One of those patients was 12-year-old Charlotte Canan. She's a student at Murray Middle School and loves to dance.

Charlotte has been battling cancer since March, so since then she's been back and forth to Wolfson Children's Hospital receiving chemo treatments.

Wednesday was her ninth round of chemo out of 10.

"Hopefully by the end of November I'll be completely done," she said.

Charlotte's mom, Dawn, said their family has a trip planned to celebrate when it's all over, and that she's getting through this with a strong support system.

"She has a very nice, supportive, loving friends, as do we as a family," Dawn said.

Another patient was 20-year-old Sarah Olsen. Sarah's gone through this before and was shocked to find out she has cancer for a second time.

"I felt perfectly fine," she said. "There were no symptoms. My doctor said the same thing. I still had color."

Sarah said she's glad the teens came to visit her so they can see that cancer can happen at any age.

"There are older people about their age going through the same things," Sarah said.

The coach initiated the visit and wants his team to continue to support Wolfson Children's Hospital.

"This is an enrichment program for them," coach Joel Chaitovicz said. "They are going to be great mothers one day, have a great family, and they need to see how sensitive life can be."

The girls say it was a rewarding experience.

"It reminds me of why I play and to be thankful for getting to play for all the people that aren't able to, and being able to it's just a blessing," Samantha Picadado said.

The volleyball team plans to dedicate Thursday's game to the patients they met at the hospital.

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