Jaguars defensive tackle mentors young men in community

Sen'Derrick Marks shares highs, lows of journey to NFL career

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jaguars defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks may be off the field because of his injuries, but he's using all the extra time to do what he's always wanted to do: change the world one child at a time.

Marks is doing that by tackling tough topics and mentoring young men in the community to keep them from walking down the wrong path.

"There's a future in each and every one of us," Marks said. "If we have some kind of guidance, I think there's a future for everybody."

Life wasn't always fun and games for Marks, who grew up in Alabama. He spoke to the football players at Ribault High School about the decisions he made throughout his life, including the highs and lows in his journey to a professional career.

"Just because you came from a certain environment doesn't mean you are where you come from," said Ribault football player Sammond Griffin. "You might represent it, but it's not where you come from."

Griffin is one of the students who said a leader in his community is what they need and that Marks is the perfect person to set a positive example.

With a message of hope and breaking stereotypes, Marks' mission is to educate and mold the lives of the young men.

Ribault is the first school that Marks has visited, but it won't be his last. He said he hopes to visit many inner-city schools in the next year.