Orlando Magic surprises Gainesville children with tickets

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The so-called "Basketball Cop" Bobby White has a surprise for a group of Gainesville children: the Orlando Magic wants to bring them to a game.

The children screamed with excitement when they heard the news.

The group is going to Orlando this Sunday to watch the game in courtside seats.

"If any of y'all get in any trouble by then, you're out of my crew," Officer White told them.

This story began last month when White was dispatched to a neighborhood after someone called the Gainesville Police Department complaining children were playing basketball too loudly in the street.

Instead of reprimanding the children, White joined in. GPD said it was going to let kids be kids and focus on catching criminals.

White's dash camera captured it all and the video quickly went viral

Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal heard about the story and traveled to Gainesville to surprise the children. They played ball in the street and Shaq told them to respect their elders, listen to their parents and they could do anything.

That video also quickly went viral.

The story garnered praise from people across the country who were glad to see children playing outside instead of getting into trouble. They also praised Officer White for his response.

The caller of the original complaint was never identified.