Furyks, Bradleys volunteer to fight child hunger

Jim & Tabitha Furyk, Michaela Bradley & more pack backpacks for kids

Furyk's, Bradley's fighting child hunger
Furyk's, Bradley's fighting child hunger

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Some very familiar faces filled the auditorium of John Love Elementary Friday . Jim and Tabitha Furyk, Michaela Bradley and former NFL player Corey Miller. They were there volunteering. Filling backpacks with food for the students who otherwise, might not have enough to eat this weekend.


"We have over a dozen schools here in the Jacksonville area and at about a hundred dollars a kid we can feed kids throughout the school year, every Friday, sending them home with food." Tabitha Furyk, a board member and long time donor to Blessings In A Backpack, said.  "That's what we were doing today so we can send them home with food and nutrition so they can come back and they are ready to learn on Monday."


The Furyk's have been behind the First Coast Blessings In A Backpack charity for many years. They've seen first hand what a difference this food makes.


Tabitha told us, "This helps them. Their grades are going up, the attendance is going up. They are super excited to get the food and we are excited to have the support of Servpro. We had some of the Jags wives here today too. Gus Bradley's wife, Michaela, was here packing today and spreading that word is really important to let people know hunger is a problem right here in Jacksonville." 


It's such a problem, that the people at Servpro of St. Augustine, the Beaches and Ponte Vedra raised thousands of dollars to try and make a difference. They presented a check for almost $20,000 to First Coast Blessings In A Backpack from the Fancy Pants Golf Tournament that took place in November. 


Robin Braddock with Servpro said, "For kids to worry about where their next meal will come from, that's something we care about so that's why we chose this charity."


Because of the donation from Servpro, almost 200 kids are guaranteed backpacks of food for a year.


Lauren Alcorn with Servpro added, "I can't imagine as a parent what it would be like not to be able to meet all of those needs. Just to help those families get through a hard time is something we are really happy to be able to do."


It's only $100 to feed a child for a year through the First Coast Blessings In A Backpack program. For more information on how you can donate, click here.