Renovations revealed at Daniel Kids

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Children living at Daniel Kids' Hillside Home are feeling more comfortable in their newly renovated cottage.
Volunteers from David Weekly Homes made the renovations happen by remodeling three residential cottages at Daniel Kids.

Daniel Kids is a nonprofit in-patient psychiatric program. Daniel Kids provides residential treatment over several months to children who exhibit severe symptoms of mental and emotional distress.

"A lot of the kids have had significant amounts of trauma. It's important they feel safe; their environment can be a huge part of their healing process," Rebecca Whitfield, with Daniel Kids, said.

The kids who stay at the Hillside location range in age from 5 to 17.
They usually stay for about four to six months to get intensive mental health services.

"The children are really excited about it.Of course when you ask the teens it's not a big deal, but then they show you their rooms and see their faces light up and the smiles," Whitfield said.

The David Weekly Foundation donated $17,500 to give the Daniel Kids' Hillside a fresh look. To celebrate the kids played games in the yard.

"This is just my favorite thing to see these kids have fun, and just be kids and have fun; they are all here for various reasons but they all have something they are working on," Whitfield said.

If you want to help Daniel Kids go to DanielKids.Org


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