7-year-old thanks police officers with homemade gift

Girl makes survivor kits stuffed with candy to give to local officers

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. – While watching the news, a local 7-year-old came up with an idea to give back to the community's law enforcement officers.

Oliviya Ellison-Stanley made survivor kits filled with candy to give to police officers.

Her simple act of kindness touched the life of Neptune Beach Police Officer William Torres, his family and the entire community. 

Torres was unwinding from a hard day at work, about to have dinner with his wife and three children, when a sweet surprise pulled up in his driveway.

"(I) just had gotten off work, got home, got changed and was on the couch with my daughter," Torres said. "And next thing you know, you hear the doorbell ring."

Torres opened the door to find Oliviya standing there.

"When I open the door, sweet little Oliviyia right there hands me this survival kit," Torres said.

Oliviya told the officer, "Thank you for protecting my family."

The survivor kits that Oliviya put together, with the the help of family, are filled with sweet treats. Each item of candy in the kit holds a special meaning. 

"Life Savers for all the times you've been one. Starbursts  for that burst of energy. Peppermint patties to help keep you cool," said Oliviya's mother, Jasmyne Ellison-Stanley. 

Oliviya's story has gotten lot of attention on Facebook and has inspired others.

"My wife was in tears, basically, just from the thoughtful act of kindness. It definitely had an impact on me and not just me, but everybody that has seen her story. It really helps and especially in these times, to have somebody to show their love and support for us," Torres said. 

Oliviya's mother said it's up to parents to instill good values in their children while they're young and teach them to respect and love others, especially those who protect others.

"When I saw Officer Torres kneel down and hug her and the tears in his eyes, you just know that they have those difficult times. It gives her a good lesson knowing that she should always feel safe and thank the people that make you feel that way," Ellison-Standley said. 

Torres' returned Oliviya's favor by giving her a youth police badge.